Part II: Sorry, but I'm over that topic now

I know the last blog post promised (at least) two parts. Sorry, but I'm over that topic now. At one point I had more to say, then work and life got in the way and kept me from committing those thoughts to public memory. Frankly, I just don't want to revisit the topic at this point. I have other ideas to write about now.

It was going to be some reflective/introspective self-dialogue about how much of the past year I devoted to talking in comparison to how much time I spent putting my abundant words into action. I can respond to that prompt in just two words: NOT ENOUGH. I publicly commit to spending more time doing and less time talking this year.


  1. Well put. We need to talk less and do more, Bridgette. You are an active person who will change the world.

    Leigh Zeitz

  2. Thanks, Leigh! It was great to see you Monday.

  3. I smiled as I read your post. It reminds me of a time when I was teaching 7th grade Language Arts. We were in the midst of a project and I was "imparting my knowledge" to the class. I guess I was convinced I had things to tell them. One young man said in a very frustrated and loud voice, "Mrs. Horan, if you would just stop talking, we could get going!" Wow! He was exactly right and I had to admit it in front of the class. His "stop talking and get going" will stay with me forever. Thanks to Josh, who taught me a very valuable lesson.
    Have a great year, Bridgett!

  4. That's classic, Laura! Makes me really miss my classroom. Sounds like there are many exciting things happening at MNW. Hope your year gets off to a great start!